13 July, 2007

Unashamedly and Unapologetically Pop - Dragonette

This 3/4 Canadian quartet started making pop music for kicks. They messed around and knocked up a few cliched pop tunes in a basement, after listening to 80s pop bands like The Cars. But what started as a joke, has led to a portfolio of some of the most wonderfully catchy electro pop tunes around today. Its called Galore and you can buy it from the first week of August.

The now UK based outfit were first spotted on the radar after a couple of prestigious supporting roles with New Order and Duran Duran. Since then they've been kept in focus thanks to a whole lot of internet buzz - much of it generated from popular music website Pop Justice, who's list of The Best of 2007 boasts FOUR Dragonette tunes.

One of which is debut single I Get Around. The headlining track on an album of 11 pop gems, it represents everything good about Dragonette. And for that matter, pop. Beginning with a bouncing electric bolt of snyth before launching into a dangerously punchy tune coupled with some delightfully naughty lyrics [you don't tell on me, I won't tell on you] its the epitome of fun pop.

Get Lucky could only have been crafted using the sunshine and sea from an idyllic seaside setting. Keyboard effects fresh from a 30s funfair compliment some delicate acoustic guitar licks and the soft winding vocals of Martina Sorbara that bring her back to her singer/songwriting days.

Black Limousine is a collage of different electronic sounds that somehow sounds like a sinister Scissor Sisters.

Galore is wonderfully fresh, bubbly and bright and it will leave you hooked totally hooked on all things catchy. Its a package of pop goodness from some talented lovers of pop. Can't ask for more really.


Dragonette - I get Around
Dragonette - Get Lucky


blondeandfair said...

I love Dragonette - I find it ironic that the very first time I read Pop Register yall are talking about my favorite band! I am eagerly awaiting Galore to come out and I'm glad to hear people saying good things about it! This cd will certainly be on heavy rotation in my car as soon as it comes out!

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