04 July, 2007



To prove not everything small and furry is cute - here's The Scare with Bats, Bats Bats.

The Scare are a band that very much agree with my theory on good pop. They have a laugh, get drunk, beat each other up and just make some records. Its all about having fun - and if you can produce something as good as their debut UK single while doing that - we welcome The Scare.

Having found little demand for their brand of destructive punk back in their homeland, Queensland, the dirty rockers decided to pack it in and go reek some havoc in Birmingham UK. Here they've made a name from themselves thanks to their rampant touring and on stage theatrics.

Like a song fresh from The Horrors' album, Bats begins with a touch of gothic and a teasing bass line that only hints at the mayhem that lies ahead of you. Lead singer Kiss Reid then launches you into the thick of things with his screaming, head banging vocals. Its heavy, its hard and its dangerous, but never verges over the doomed line of heavy metal. This is pop in all its fury.

You can pick up some of their earlier AUS based material over at Off the Record



There is no Detective, only Zuul said...

hey John,
wow, am I the first to comment?
Nice addition to the bloggo is this. - You're on my links list!
cheers, J

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