05 July, 2007

Guilty Electro Pleasures - Trademark


Electro is the definitely the coolest scene right now. With its dirty beats, snyth mania and stylish clothing (just check out Justice's D.A.N.C.E. video, or the other side to Kitsune), its the hottest circle around today.

But Trademark seem blissfully unaware of this. Stuck with their highly uncool - yet pretty fun - sound of 90s pop mixed with 80s electro. Using some genuinely old school, New Order inspired samples and snyth and throwing in some boy band inspired 1990s pop choruses, Trademark produce a sound that's categorically pretty different today.

Come to Love is a perfect example with its cheesy chorus of [we can fall in love together and see the end of time together, baby] and use of a sample fresh from a schoolroom keyboard. You wouldn't dare play it at you're own house party but it'll be on repeat on your car stereo (so long as the windows are up).

With its penetrating, reverberating bass line and handfuls of effects all weaved in, Toe the Line reflects Trademark's most complete sound. A genuine disco floor thumper, its satisfyingly danceable and you won't feel guilty listening to it, either.


In other news, our friends over at Turn the Page have an interesting piece on Art Brut and their unusual international appeal.


Joshua Lachkovic said...

Cheers for the shout to our blog, we've been keen readers here as well. Good to see we're keeping the new blogging community live and well. Been finding nice new music here.


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