25 July, 2008

Your Soundtrack

Because bandwidth is a bitch, I'm nice and there's been a lot of demand for the Golden Silvers' "Arrows of Eros" track, I've re-upped it along with its more low-key B side.

[mp3] Golden Silvers - Arrows of Eros
[mp3] Golden Silvers Fade to Black

If that wasn't ebough CatCutter records have released a rather nice free mix CD full of sparkling indie gems to see you through the summer. It's but a wee label, but home to many aspiring indie fledglings, of which many are worthy of a place in your library. The mix is 14 tracks but here's just a few tasters. Get the rest at CatCutter Records.

[mp3] Team Waterpolo - Problematic Girls
[mp3] goFASTER>> - NHS Dentist
[mp3] Foxes! - It's Ridiculous, Adam
[mp3] Targets - Familiar Sounds

22 July, 2008

Nights Out Repenting Sins

Since their massively disappointing debut LP Metronomy have been working overtime to reclaim the excitement that originally surrounded the trio of snyth-crazy electro hot-heads. Alongside a bunch of fantastic remixes they gave us the gloriously fun dance affair "Radio Ladio" and the spellbindingly surreal "My Heart Rate Rapid" and are set to eventually (sep 8) unveil their new full length follow-up Nights Out. Whereas almost all of the first album was snyth and keyboard tinkering, album number two welcomes some vocal work into their twisted-pop world.

Apparently the album is based around the idea of going out and having a crap time. Which doesn't sound too appealing. BUT if it leads to songs of the same quality as "Heartbreaker" then its something i'd be more than willing to invest into. "Heartbreaker", the (probable) next single to be taken from Nights Out takes a more mainstream approach to songwriting. It takes the typical Metronomy bleeps and fuzzed out electro messiness and adds, like full choruses and stuff.

Instrumental "The End of You Too", is how the first album should have sounded. Keyboard and bass seem to bounce off the walls, flying around at all angles. It's a wonderfully rich textured composition of a trademark Metronomy sound, that you can only begin to get to grips with after a few listens.

[mp3] Metronomy - The End of You Too
[mp3] Midnight Juggernauts - Into the Galaxy (Metronomy Remix)

14 July, 2008

Indie Schmindie Madness

I have not been blogging, talking about, reviewing or listening to enough music of late and so to fill this temporary void, please enjoy a (mega sized) post of indie/electro/rap gems. From the electo-infused pop silliness of Late of the Pier to the sad movie-ending-credit styled mourn of Bon Iver, its a lovely rounded mixture.

And yes Li'l Wayne is meant to be in there. Kinda taking a step away from the indie schmindie, but this is too good pop music to be ignored. I was also going to post In this club by Usher, remixed with Li'l Wayne and Rihanna but it was a bit too big. Maybe next time. Having been injected with this kinda stuff in the states its actually quite refreshing to hear it now back in the UK. And though li'l Wayne has an ego to rival rap king Kanye himself and the tendency to choke on his words rather than rap them with any tune, he still manages to sound rather good. See for yourself

[mp3] Pete and the Pirates - Bright Lights
[mp3] Danger 7h46
[mp3] L'il Wayne - Let the Beat Build (Prod. by Kanye West)
[mp3] Bon Iver -Flume
[mp3] Cool Kids - Bassment Party
[mp3] Late of the Pier - Heartbeat
[mp3] The Rifles - I Could Never Lie
[mp3] Black Kids - Party Traumatic
[mp3] Noah and the Whale - Give a Little Love