08 March, 2008

Some UK Nonsense

Late of the Pier's new single, "Bears are Coming" waves goodbye to 80s synth and welcomes some tribal percussion and an unusual pop hook. Odd video too.

The Whip will release long awaited debut LP X Mark Destination this month. Like Does it Offend You, they're album packs a few rockier numbers alongside the dance hits of "Trash", "Divebomb" and "Sister Siam". After a couple of years recording and touring non stop its about time they got the hard copy out in stores.

[mp3] The Whip - Dubsex
[mp3] The Whip - Save My Soul

Likewise Blood Red Shoes have been amongst the "hotly tipped" for seemingly forever. After an EP, a single release or two and a whole load of touring, 11 tracks have finally made their way onto a shiny disc or two. Its amazing how much noise this duo can make. Its called Box of Secrets, go out and grab it.

[mp3] Blood Red Shoes - You Bring Me Down
[mp3] Blood Red Shoes - Doesn't Matter Much