10 August, 2008

Love Foxxx Remixxx & more.

Calvin Harris may have dented his cred with his Glastonbury frolicking with Dizzee (has anyone looked more out of place?) but his stock has definitely risen again thanks to some stonking remixes he's obviously been working flat out on. Adding his trademark choppy snyth and simple keyboard chords, he's gone and reworked Sophie Ellis-Bextor's "Off and On" and made it his own.

[mp3] Sophie Ellis-Bexter - Off and On (Calvin Harris Remix)

Bloc Party have moved so far away from the sounds of 2005 - all angular, arctic monkeys guitar groomed for the dance floor rock- and continue to plug their own ever-farther reaching niche of a sound. New single Mercury is fantastically non-linear, and its only after a few listens that the harking synth effects, twisted vocals and subterranean bass-line begin to unfold. The official remix sees CSS add their sparkly hand-clapping charm, coupled with some tightly molded disco drums and a hash up of Kele's vocals. The result leaves the dance floor beckoning.

[mp3] Bloc Party - Mercury (CSS Remix)

Since touring France, where their quirky synthesizers and unusual instruments (a keyboard you blow into?) have been lapped up, Metronomy have picked up a few French friends it would seem. And a perfect team, The Teenagers and Metronomy make too. The french trio are well known for their deadpan spoken vocals whereas Metronomy tend let their warped melodies and bouncy beats do their own talking. Put the two outfits together, AND add a reworked version of Goldfrapp's latest single "Happiness", and you have yourself a rather unusual, but wonderful sounding pop song.

[mp3] Goldfrapp - Happiness (Remixed by Metronomy Feat. The Teenagers)

25 July, 2008

Your Soundtrack

Because bandwidth is a bitch, I'm nice and there's been a lot of demand for the Golden Silvers' "Arrows of Eros" track, I've re-upped it along with its more low-key B side.

[mp3] Golden Silvers - Arrows of Eros
[mp3] Golden Silvers Fade to Black

If that wasn't ebough CatCutter records have released a rather nice free mix CD full of sparkling indie gems to see you through the summer. It's but a wee label, but home to many aspiring indie fledglings, of which many are worthy of a place in your library. The mix is 14 tracks but here's just a few tasters. Get the rest at CatCutter Records.

[mp3] Team Waterpolo - Problematic Girls
[mp3] goFASTER>> - NHS Dentist
[mp3] Foxes! - It's Ridiculous, Adam
[mp3] Targets - Familiar Sounds

22 July, 2008

Nights Out Repenting Sins

Since their massively disappointing debut LP Metronomy have been working overtime to reclaim the excitement that originally surrounded the trio of snyth-crazy electro hot-heads. Alongside a bunch of fantastic remixes they gave us the gloriously fun dance affair "Radio Ladio" and the spellbindingly surreal "My Heart Rate Rapid" and are set to eventually (sep 8) unveil their new full length follow-up Nights Out. Whereas almost all of the first album was snyth and keyboard tinkering, album number two welcomes some vocal work into their twisted-pop world.

Apparently the album is based around the idea of going out and having a crap time. Which doesn't sound too appealing. BUT if it leads to songs of the same quality as "Heartbreaker" then its something i'd be more than willing to invest into. "Heartbreaker", the (probable) next single to be taken from Nights Out takes a more mainstream approach to songwriting. It takes the typical Metronomy bleeps and fuzzed out electro messiness and adds, like full choruses and stuff.

Instrumental "The End of You Too", is how the first album should have sounded. Keyboard and bass seem to bounce off the walls, flying around at all angles. It's a wonderfully rich textured composition of a trademark Metronomy sound, that you can only begin to get to grips with after a few listens.

[mp3] Metronomy - The End of You Too
[mp3] Midnight Juggernauts - Into the Galaxy (Metronomy Remix)

14 July, 2008

Indie Schmindie Madness

I have not been blogging, talking about, reviewing or listening to enough music of late and so to fill this temporary void, please enjoy a (mega sized) post of indie/electro/rap gems. From the electo-infused pop silliness of Late of the Pier to the sad movie-ending-credit styled mourn of Bon Iver, its a lovely rounded mixture.

And yes Li'l Wayne is meant to be in there. Kinda taking a step away from the indie schmindie, but this is too good pop music to be ignored. I was also going to post In this club by Usher, remixed with Li'l Wayne and Rihanna but it was a bit too big. Maybe next time. Having been injected with this kinda stuff in the states its actually quite refreshing to hear it now back in the UK. And though li'l Wayne has an ego to rival rap king Kanye himself and the tendency to choke on his words rather than rap them with any tune, he still manages to sound rather good. See for yourself

[mp3] Pete and the Pirates - Bright Lights
[mp3] Danger 7h46
[mp3] L'il Wayne - Let the Beat Build (Prod. by Kanye West)
[mp3] Bon Iver -Flume
[mp3] Cool Kids - Bassment Party
[mp3] Late of the Pier - Heartbeat
[mp3] The Rifles - I Could Never Lie
[mp3] Black Kids - Party Traumatic
[mp3] Noah and the Whale - Give a Little Love

20 May, 2008

Tunes Tunes

Time is flying by with the sun shining high. Here are some appropriately seasonal pop numbers to enjoy through summer.

Super Furry Animals' Gruff Rhys and LA producer Boom Bip have put a whole new spin on the the term concept album with their debut collaboration under the moniker Neon Neon. Its called Stainless Steel and its an 80s themed mix of rap, snyth pop and bubbly pop. Think Back to the Future...

[mp3] Neon Neon - Raquel

A singer-songwriter of sickly sweet, synth topped pop gems, its no surprise that upcoming starlet Lykke Li is a Swedish export. Her album drops in the US in the next couple of weeks and single 'Breaking it up' is one of many highlights.

[mp3] Lykke Li - Breaking it up

White Lies are a living, breathing, shoe-gazing reincarnation of legends Joy Division. Think keyboards, organs, dreamy vocals and 2 note baselines coupled with some mighty fine production.

[mp3] White Lies - Unfinished Business

The Mystery Jets don't get the credit they deserve. Granted the first album was a little straight and narrow, but their second LP 21 oozes with charm. Young Love was an impossibly cheery pop hit and 'Two Doors Down' sparkles with revamped 80s pop gleam.

[mp3] Mystery Jets - Two Doors Down

08 March, 2008

Some UK Nonsense

Late of the Pier's new single, "Bears are Coming" waves goodbye to 80s synth and welcomes some tribal percussion and an unusual pop hook. Odd video too.

The Whip will release long awaited debut LP X Mark Destination this month. Like Does it Offend You, they're album packs a few rockier numbers alongside the dance hits of "Trash", "Divebomb" and "Sister Siam". After a couple of years recording and touring non stop its about time they got the hard copy out in stores.

[mp3] The Whip - Dubsex
[mp3] The Whip - Save My Soul

Likewise Blood Red Shoes have been amongst the "hotly tipped" for seemingly forever. After an EP, a single release or two and a whole load of touring, 11 tracks have finally made their way onto a shiny disc or two. Its amazing how much noise this duo can make. Its called Box of Secrets, go out and grab it.

[mp3] Blood Red Shoes - You Bring Me Down
[mp3] Blood Red Shoes - Doesn't Matter Much

26 February, 2008

After Hours

We Are Scientists have a new song. Its very refined, just a couple cords all the way through. My excitement in finding it wasn't matched on my first couple listens. But I'm hoping its a grower.

[mp3] We Are Scientists - After Hours