02 July, 2007

Psych Mixers - Malakai

Malakai are a little know band from Bristol who's talents come from their ability to glide through musical genres, use a wide range of instruments and through their intensive use of mixing and editing techniques.

Fading world is what happens when you lay down a track then rip it apart. One moment you think you know where the tune is heading, then suddenly some other melody kicks in and you're taken down a whole new path. Yet the final product is a song that flows beautifully. Think 60's with a dashing of folk, lashing of pyschedelia and some haunting ambience and you're almost there.

The Battle kicks into gear on a sample fresh from an 50s horror flick before bursting into a funky Arctic Monkey's-esque bassline coupled with some suitably booming vocals, with special attention given to its climax [stand up! stand up!]. Its not a song you'd sing into a real battle but it'd no doubt spark a mosh pit of fury at any of their gigs.


Malakai - Fading World


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