06 July, 2007

Apologies for the Filler

With this blog still in its early infancy its appeal must come through regular, well informed updates rather than a catalogue that stretches back years. So far I feel this has been acheived, with updates coming on a daily basis. Anyway who wants to read about the latest band from a couple of years ago? If they've made it - you'll know about it. So why devote all your attention the firm favorites. Give the new - the Pop Register - a chance.

So there has been a complete lack of any live reviews or interviews lately. Apologies for this - it is as unfortunate for me as it is for the reader - that I live in an area of the UK (Essex) that is completely deprived of a decent music scene. Fortunately come September I'll be moving to Oregon USA, for a year - an area with the most creative persons per capita than anywhere else in the States. So with a bit of luck some things will be going down there. In the mean time look forward to a live review of Shiny Toy Guns and hopefully a cheeky interview with their support, Does it Offend You, Yeah? Both are quality electro pop outfits and I think they'll fit in pretty well at the register.

Blessed with a much more happening music is scene is the Fucking Dance blog, delivered from Manchester. They have a few indie chunes knocking about by Good Shoes and Bombay Bicycle Club.


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