03 July, 2007

Alien Ryhmes - Marvin the Martian


While his name is out of this world, Marvin the Martian is a man very much in touch with everyday life. Born and raised in Brixton, London, Marvin endured a troubled youthhood and found himself homeless with a child on the way aged just 18. Now in his twenties, Marvin is very much on an upward trajectory, owing much to the success of his first hit Stay off the Kane, produced using a sample taken from Art Brut's single, Emily Kane.

But while he chronicles harrowing tales of lost love and everyday struggles in London, he doesn't get bogged down in the grime. Instead his work boasts a refreshing and light core thanks to his use of upbeat indie tunes originally by artists like The Maccabees and GoodBooks. Check out his myspace to download his latest mixtape for free.


Marvin the Martian - I don't go (alone) (feat GoodBooks) (.m4a)
Marvin the Martian - Reymell


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