11 July, 2007

Rude Electro Punk - Does it Offend You, Yeah?

Lets face it these guys are a bit scary. They want to shock, and are confident that they do just that ( "yeah?"). They use samples from Battle Royale, a movie where a school class of children are thrown on to an island and forced to wage war until only one survives. And if one of their tracks got mistakenly played on BBC Radio 4, all hell would break loose down the local retirement home. They're obnoxious electro punksters and they don't care if you like them.

With an ethos like that and the uncanny ability to rattle cages, its easy to dismiss the UK trio as the latest group of no good scenesters. But despite what they'll have you believe, their music is as accessible as any other - so long as you have time for it.

Alongside popular electro artists such as Justice, SebastiAn and the rest of the Ed Banger crew, DIOYY follow on from the success of the pioneering Daft Punk. But whereas DP knock up a few samples and patch over a loop of roboticised vocals, this new wave of electro artists offer that little more.

Battle Royale seemingly has no structure to it, indeed it isn't till more than half way through that it launches into its blistering array of grimy, knotted electro beats. In the fashion of their other works, Battle Royale is so packed with samples, effects and different beat patterns its almost too much to take in. And only after 10 listens will you fully get to grips with some of the different sounds that are skillfully woven into the grain of the song.

We are Rockstars starts with a patchwork of industrial sounding clanking and winding and there's a sense of anticipation as you feel a melody try and break free of the tangle. A Daft Punk-esque syth voice is then employed proclaiming "we're rockstars now" - but definitely not in the traditional sense. Its dirty electro given a fresh rework. And its great.

Even the remixes by these guys have a distinct sense of autorship about them. Whereas most electro mixes are just a mash up of electro beats underlying the key lines and important sounds from the original song, every DIOYY remix is recognisably their style.


Check out the spoof styled music video to Battle Royale to see power rangers take on a jug monster with big sticks


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