07 July, 2007

The Rock 'n' Rolling Films


If the films were actually a movie they'd be an hour and half romp of drugs, sex and booze. The press would dub it "Slick, stylish and sexy". The US press would give it "two thumbs up". It would draw on traditional themes and employ a tried and tested formula. But boy, would it be loud.

But of course they're not a movie. They're a four man band of New Yorkers determined to make a lot of noise. Their debut album, Mastered, can only be described as a super charged 35 minute rock n roll riot.

Black Shoes is a rampacious clash of edgy guitars and foot stamping pop melodies. Its full of fire [hes looking for a fight...but we might just take him for all he's got] but poses no menace as it whips you off your feet.

Being Bored just screams rock and roll with its sharp and punchy guitars, backing vocals of [ahhh-ahh] and tales of worthlessness. And it - like the whole album - will leave you anything but bored.



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