04 July, 2007

Pop Science - Vatican DC

Vatican DC

Vatican DC's debut rock/pop album make it Make it Ride is a sound so down to formula that they've probably been in trouble for plagiarism. They're a five man gang of London scenesters and they've done their homework.

From the hints of new wave with the backing [oooh] and [aaah] vocals of Make it Ride, to the electronic vocal and guitar effects of Not Your Fault, and the powerful, anthemic pop choruses of Side to Side and Sparks, every song on Make it Ride is memorable in some way -a feat few artists are capable of achieving.

Fountainhead is a song so tightly knit there's not a second wasted. Weaving synth, punchy vocals and some lightning guitar picks, its a well oiled pop vessel. She Takes Me Out is a cathartic affair, powering along at a pace rivalled only by its own fury. Bugs could easily have been created for a movie break up scene. You can just imagine the montage of weeping, glossing over old photos and the contemplation of a phone call.

Its a perfected calculated pop project. A conglomeration of different pop styles it nethertheless boasts a familiar core. You can buy Vatican DC's album, Make it Ride now.



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