27 July, 2007

The Go! Team Return to Action!

With their second album, Proof of Youth coming out on September 10 I thought I'd pay a little homage to the UK's noisiest band.

The Go! Team's trade is sheer boldness. Their debut album, Lightning, Thunder Strikes, nominated for the Mercury music award, is a mass of conflicting, overlapping sounds and instruments. They create something that's different from run of the mill pop - something bigger, more accomplished, but something you can still move to.

Now their back - and dare I say - even bigger? For one they're no longer recording their songs in a garage, rather a well-kitted recording studio. And thanks to revenue from their successful debut LP the Go! Team have got their hands on even more instruments and mixing equipment to kick up some ruckus. The old sound is still very much there - the two drum kits, sprinklings of brass, keyboards and the unusual blend of singing, rapping and child-like chanting. Check out some of their new material and the video for first single Grip like a Vice.



The Go! Team - Titanic Vandalism
The Go! Team - Doing it Right
The Go! Team - Keys to the City



Marc said...

At Last! Some new Go Team!
Thunder, Lightning, Strike! soundtracked my summer last year and is criminally underrated. Let's hope the new album is just as good.

Anonymous said...

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