24 August, 2007

New Wombats!!!

Perhaps the brilliance of The Wombats' new single "Lets Dance to Joy Division" is not its brilliance, rather how much more brilliant it is to previous single, Kill the Director. Which, I might add was quite brilliant. Somehow condensed into a 3 minute serving of pop goodness is an untamed pop riot. A euphoric call to arms indie anthem; its set to wear the ground thin on every good indie dance floor.

But what the song really screams out is - why dance to Joy Division when you can have us? A rhetorical question - for there's really no good answer. The Wombats are establishing themselves is indie pop masters and are on top form here.


Tom OMG said...

I'd been looking for an mp3 of this.
i saw the wombats live on wednesday, they were really really good. I'm so adding you to my blogroll.

Anonymous said...

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