20 August, 2007

Akala - Freedom Lasso

Some interesting facts about Kingslee Daley a.k.a. Akala: hit UK hip hop artist Ms Dynamite is his sister, he's played football for Wimbledon FC and West Ham's youth team and last year won a Mobo award for best hip hop artist, beating urban heavyweights, 50 cent and The Game.

His debut album, Its not a Rumour was universally acclaimed and according to The Times, he was set to become the first UK black rapper to become a household name. We're still waiting though. In fact Akala has yet to breach the UK top 40. But what to the charts tell us anyway?

October 2007 marks Akala's triumphant return, with Freedom Lasso. Though first single, Bit by Bit, set for a September 17 release, is a little drab and unlikely to propel the album to dizzy heights, songs Freedom Lasso and Electro livin' with their electro backing bring Akala into the Calvin Harris era with confidence.

Tracks like Defeated with its pop chorus and classic rock rhythm prove Akala's not only capable of embracing other genres but he's pretty good at it too.


Akala - Electro Livin'
Akala - Freedom Lasso
Akala - Defeated
Akala - Bit by Bit

(removed as of request)

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