31 August, 2007

New Air Traffic Single

The music video to 'No More Running Away' - the third single to be released from the Bournemouth band's debut LP 'Fractured Life - was revealed this week.

Its a bit over the top, making me wonder if the band want to be taken a little more seriously. I have however always had a fondness for the song as it was always "that" song they'd play at their gigs when they'd whip out a couple of massive drums from no where and start beating the hell out of them. Still its not as fun as 'Charlotte' or 'Shooting Star'.

[mp3] Air Traffic - No More Running Away

Also a couple of weeks ago I heard a song on XFM, the rock/pop/indie station for London and Manchester. I listened closely at first thinking this makes a change from the usual Killers, Kaiser Chiefs, Keane selection, but was mortified. I know twee. I love twee. But this is tacky, shallow garbage, and how it made it on the radiowaves ahead of actual quality I don't know. It sounds like The Feeling gone wrong. Anyway I somehow brought myself to download the song and put it on here. Its by Scouting for Girls.

[mp3] Scouting for Girls - She's so Lovely


Marc said...

thank you for bringing to the nations attention the true musical crime that is scouting for girls. i nearly had to post something on them myself. but youve saved me a job. god bless you.
x x x

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