22 August, 2007

Malakai - The Battle Video

To mark the release of Malakai's first EP on September 3 (rather fittingly named, EP1), the video of forthcoming SMASH single, The Battle has been released. And its a predictably psychedelic affair from the trip hopping indie deviants.

Plucked and groomed from the Bristol music scene by Portishead band member, Geoff Barrow, Malakai draw influences from 1990s Bristol outfits and boast a genuinely nostalgic sound. If you missed out on picking up Malakai's first offering, Fading world, here's another chance to snap it up. Also check out some of the best of the ever infuencial Portishead.

Malakai - Fading World

Portishead - Cowboys
Portishead - Toy Box
Portishead - Sour Times

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