28 August, 2007

Kate Nash Can't Rap

One thing i've learnt this week is that Kate Nash should stick with piano scores.

I'm always excited to see artists team up with one another. Recent pop unions I have enjoyed are The Chemical Bros feat. The Klaxons on 'We are the Night' and Dizzee Rascal feat. Alex Turner of The Arctic Monkeys on 'Temptations'. So it was with great anticipation that I discovered Kate Nash had worked with Kano on his latest album, London Town, set for release September 10. And whereas I'd normally encourage artists to delve in other genres and mix things up, I'd have to say Kate Nash is good at what she does but hip hop is really not her thing. Anyway you may disagree.

Kano Ft. Kate Nash - Me & My Microphone
Lethal Bizzle Ft Kate Nash - Look What you Done

In other news, the music video to the new Wombats tune, 'Lets Dance to Joy Division' was released yesterday. In keeping with the unclocked pace of the song, witness 3 hairy Liverpudlians tear down a room and whisk themselves off their feet with some frenzied guitar/drum playing.


CEC said...

Loving the blog. You totally beat me to the punch on the Wombats video. The sadness!

jamila FUCKING DANCE said...

i looove the lethal biz track!

Tom OMG said...

At last, somebody to join me in my hatred of the kate nash/kano track. At the moment my internet is broken & i can't download anything but I look forward to passing judgement on the lethal b track

Anonymous said...

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