30 June, 2007

You Gunna Want Me - Tiga

To sum up Tiga. He owns his own record store, his own record label, has worked with a host of artists including the Scissor Sisters, is widely known for his remixes and released his debut album, Sexor last year. He's a singing/songwriting, electro pioneering producer and remixer. Oh and he's Canadian if case you're wondering.

But for an artist so involved within the music scene, Tiga is no household name. His first solo LP snaked through the music press, never really coming under the spotlight, and consequently sold only modestly.

With his status as an electro solo pop artist, comparisons will inevitably be drawn to Calvin Harris. But while Tiga's dirty yet slick brand of electro dance is easily digestible, it doesn't have the mainstream stamp of a Harris production. Every song on Calvin Harris album has the potential to be a chart success, though only a handful of songs on Sexor possess this mass appeal formula.

That's not to say Tiga's in anyway inferior. You Gunna Want Me with its driving bass line, relentless beat and very effeminate vocals, oozes with sensuality and The Ballad of the Sexor rivals New Order, with its zapping snyth, echoing lyrics and simple rhythm.

Tiga's talents belong in the clubs rather than the waves of mainstream radio. Nonetheless he's a quality pop act through and through.



jamila FUCKING DANCE said...

is '.. want me' the most addictive song ever, possibly?

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