30 June, 2007

Britain's latest Rapping Talent

Before Plan B came along you wouldn't have thought it possible to lay down a quality hip hop tune over the top of nothing but an acoustic guitar. Bringing rap down to its bones, he pledged that it didn't always have to be about complex, over the top beat structures- rather simple, traditional foundations usually produced the best music. In similar fashion, fellow white UK rapper, Shameless experiments with delicate guitar picks, sometimes even an entire backing band - his very own "PaddyRagga band", in producing his rapping delights.

Forthcoming debut album "Smokers Die Younger", comes with a stern warning. Indeed the album is packed full of messages and (a little cliched) tales of life in the gritty urban arena of East London [a victim of his own environment], [they came back with knives]. Though void of any engineering originality this is a guy with a dynamic voice and some tunes to boot.



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