27 June, 2007

Quirky pop - Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man

They're still working on some proper recordings, a functional website and have only just played their first ever festival in Glasto but Ox.Eagle have already won me over. Having heard good things about Les Incompetents - the now dissolved band- that bore at least two of the members of Ox.Eagle. I thought I'd check out this new band on the Camden Crawl back in April and I think its fair to say they left their mark on me.

Lead singer Fred's incredibly distinctive and well pronounced vocals dominate while compelling you - forcing you, to sing along. You'll find yourself singing along to some pretty out there stuff too. There's no tales of drunken nights out or first kisses in the Ox.Eagle camp. Cynicism, pessimism and megalomania all play a part in the ox.eagle tales, [we're all just hypocrites waiting to happen], [money doesn't buy you friendship but it can sure as hell buy you friends].

But while the lyrical content is anything but light and bubbly its easy to take on the chin and instead appreciate the simple yet absorbing melodies and calculated use of effects and synth. The songs are in need of a bit of a polish, but this is early and very promising stuff.


Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man - I am the Future
Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man - A Matter of Timing and Skill


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