28 June, 2007

I think i miss my metro - The Wombats

I don't care if you've heard of The Wombats. If you like them, if you hate them. That is to say if you could - which you can't - as, like their furry counterparts, they're too cute and cuddly to possibly render infavourable thoughts about them. So whatever you've heard of the liverpool threesome, forget it because i'm going to tell you about them.

They are delightful, sweet, crisp and wonderful. Never has twee been so acceptable than in the pop masterpieces of The Wombats. If I sound like a moron singing along to [carrots make you see better in the dark], shoot me, I'll sing along to anything with a wombats melody.

Too many blogs try so hard to reach out to the darkest regions of the internet to bring you something different - the latest remix by some obscure DJ of some little known indie tune. You don't need that. What you need in your life is The Wombats. They deal with simplicities, everyday trivial affairs, songs about youthood innocence and shamelessly exploit our love of things bright and cheerful. Is it so wrong these days for an artist to put a smile on your face? These guys will, and leave it on there for weeks.



Jonathan said...

my god, hw the fuk is wombats pop music

Anonymous said...

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