25 June, 2007

With lashings of sex appeal...

If sex sells then I can't understand why The Whip - the sexiest thing to ever hail from Manchester - are still unsigned. They're so hot I'd snap up their signatures in a flash.

Thats not to say the haven't released any material yet. They've already worked with the highly fashionable french electro label Kitsune, to produce latest single, the incredibly seductive rave/dance anthem Divebomb.

The only fears I have with The Whip are that they are going to be associated with the whole rave fad thats apparently sweeping across the world. What started off as a joke by one of the Klaxons has turned into this obsession with all things bright and synth. Every week a new band is declared to be riding the crest of this wave.

But The Whip's popularity doesn't come from their brightly coloured attire. They are the first band to actually produce music that you could call rave. And they do it well.

"Trash" is a masterclass in electro rock pop. A conglomeration of electro samples, simple guitar picks, thudding bass lines and provocative lyrics [I wanna be trash] - it delivers a deliciously sounding pop hit.

Lyrics hold a peripheral role in the Whip's constructions - indeed the band prove they're anything but essential in Divebomb. An Atlantis to Interzone esque sound sample is supported by a sprinkling of keyboard notes and a relentless bass drum to create a tune thats as addictive as it is powerful. Its the first single they've released since they've really come into the limelight, so expect to be hearing it around.

I first saw the whip supporting touring with the Sunshine Underground, where a support slot really didn't do them justice. They've have however just played at Glastonbury and have a hectic summer touring all the UK festivals so be sure to catch them.


The Whip - Trash
The Whip - Muzzle no 1


Thomas said...

good stuff - i really like these guys, weird that they're unsigned despite working with kitsune and they seem to be pretty big on the gigging circuit! cheers for the mp3s anyway, keep up the good work :D

Alexandre said...

Pretty sure these guys are not actually unsigned, just a lot of bands keep it under wraps that they are until a proper release, like Enter Shikari for example.

Great blog by the way.

Anonymous said...

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