16 October, 2007

Some Slightly Less Young Knives

Now recording for their third album, following 'Voices of Animals and Men' and the 2007 re-released "The Young Knives are Dead', The Young Knives are a long way away from their youthful days of supporting Hot Hot Heat and The Futureheads.

Well known for their decidedly classic English gentlemen attire and appearance - chunky framed spectacles, side partings and tweed blazers - the band boast a quirky yet traditional indie style. Their latest single, released on Transgressive Records, home to The Pipettes, The Rumble Strips and other UK indie talent, is Terra Firma.

[mp3] The Young Knives - Terra Firma

Sticking with the agreeable formula of simple punk style melodies, pranging guitar hooks and a chant style vocal delivery, it would seem the band aren't yet ready to move away from their "Young" roots. Still, I'm not bored of it yet. Check out the B sides, including 'A Cavern' sung by Jeremy 'House of Lords' Dartnell himself.

[mp3] The Young Knives - A Cavern
[mp3] The Young Knives - Back to Back


Tommoyo said...

I may have beaten you to it but your post is much better written. I tend to either spend ages trying to perfect a review or dash something off as quickly as possible.

Oasis's's new single is called Lord don't slow me down and seems to herald a return to their more rockier efforts. Radio 1 have been hammering it as is their wont.

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