30 October, 2007

Cheeky Wombats' Review

Granted there has been a lot of Wombats featured on the Pop Register. But the album is here (5th Nov) and there's no ignoring it.

Its called "A Guide to Love, Loss and Desperation" and its every bit as good as I expected.


Seldom does a pop band come along so shamelessly simple and fun, that even the most cynical of critics can’t help but kneel over in their wake. Welcome then, to the world of The Wombats and their charming debut LP “A Guide to Love, Loss and Desperation”.

While staying clear of the detrimental qualities of manufactured pop, The Wombats trio boast a genuinely accessible sound while keeping their album fresh and reasonably innovative. There are no worn out stories of drunken romances, lyrics to cringe over or generic “up-beat” melodies. Instead, enjoy fluffy tales of youthful innocence and discovery, delivered via a power pop punch of anthemic choruses and jittery guitar tunes.

For a band still in their early infancy, The Wombats have an impressive catalogue of material. So much so that more than 30 songs had to be worked through in order to decide what was to be on “A guide to…”.

One of the highlights, “Kill the Director” represents everything good about the Liverpool based trio. The song is a homage to the idealistic world of Brit rom-coms in which lead singer, Matthew Murphy compares his own romance to those off the big screen “this is no Bridget Jones…”. It’s a euphoric three minute call to arms – an untamed pop riot that will wear indie/alternative dance floors thin.

“School Uniform” is a wonderfully endearing tale of a school bus romance “you were nine and I was ten…you had a Walkman, all I had was a middle part and a pen”. With its spiky guitar hooks, snappy pace and harmless lyrics, it’s the epitome of fun pop.

The Wombats prove that pop can be as credible as and way more exciting than the latest brooding, leather clad Joy Division descendant. Its radio friendly brilliance and you won’t even feel guilty listening to it.


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