07 February, 2008

Grand Archives

The Grand Archives are Mat Brooke's ("Carissa's Wierd", "Band of Horses") latest project. Their self-titled debut will appear on shelves from the 19th February and its rather good. A more upbeat and optimistic affair than any of Brooke's work with other bands, the album is genuinely warming. Grand Archives employ the southern twang of Band of Horses (just listen to those harmonicas and steel pedal guitars) but add that little bit more through a whole load of studio experimentation which included using cellos for bass lines, violin bows on guitars and more percussion than you could possibly fit in an 11 track LP. Plenty of overlapping vocal harmonies and simple acoustic guitar chord progression mean this is accessible as indie comes.

[mp3] Grand Archives - George Kaminski
[mp3] Grand Archives - Index Moon


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Wow, that sounds fantastic. The figs and cheese sound especially good. I will definitely check this out.
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